Studying Content Strategy

Heinz Wittenbrink


What is Content Strategy?

"Planning for the creation, delivery, and governance of useful, usable content."

"A repeatable system that governs the management of content throughout the entire lifecycle"

The Content Strategy Quad (Source: Brain Traffic)
The Content Strategy Quad (Source: Brain Traffic)

Why is content strategy important?

"Die Herausforderung für Unternehmen liegt darin, dieses Bedürfnis nach Inhalten viel direkter zu adressieren. Die klassische Welt der Werbung muss ergänzt werden durch die Welt der Informationen und Geschichten.“

"Je mehr Content ohne integrierte Strategie produziert wird, desto größer ist die Gefahr, nur auf das jeweilige Content-Silo, aber nicht auf die Gesamtmarke einzuzahlen."

“In the future, content, products and services will find you, rather than you having to find them.”

The program


"The didactic design is based on the principles of connectivism - openness, autonomy, diversity and interactivity/network - as well as on Gilly Salmon's model for online learning groups, the approach of the Reflective Practitioner and the approach of the Community of Practice. Depending on the course, students communicate in German or English."


  • Diverse professional backgrounds
  • International
  • Community of practice


  • Practitioners and academics
  • Connectors to the content strategy community
  • International

Online learning

Presence weeks and weekends



  • Bachelor degree in communication science, journalism, online marketing or related disciplines
  • Professional experience
  • Communication skills
  • Portfolio

Application procedure

  • Deadline for #cos18: May 29
  • Admission interview: 26 June 26 - July 4
  • Alternative date for the admission interview: July 10

More information

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